Am I ok? I want to know if there are guys out there who will like me for me.

Hey guys, this question is for you. I just want to know if I have a chance in this dating world. I am not skinny and not fat. I am curvy rather lol I have short hair but it is Because I really can't handle long hair and it makes me look older :/

I am outgoing and quite confident. I love life and nature and animals. I'm also conservative what my sex life is concerned. I am still a virgin and want to keep it that way for marriage. So I want to know why can't I get a bf?

Nother factor I think could be a problem for me is that I don't have any guy friends really but some girls who are way bigger than me are getting married. I even dress nicer than some of them.

How can I get guy friends and am I still in the dating game? I really don't want to grow my hair. :( I have it neat in a pixie style and I am not a butch but a lady.

(ok I know my mind is all over but please any advice is welcome)


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  • If you really want to know, post a pic. Because the simple truth is, guys don't make judgements based on words on a page.


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