When should I call her after second date?

Had a terrific date with the girl of my dreams last night. Went really well. She kissed me on the lips at the end of the date, which I was surprised by, because it was only the second date, but also thrilled. So, now I am wondering if I should let her cool off for a day before calling her about a date this weekend? I don't want to annoy her by being in her space all of the time, but also I want her to know that I want another date with her. I am thinking that tomorrow would be best. What do you think? Girls, what would you want me to do?


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  • How about texting her to let her know you had a great time and would love to see her again soon?

    Don't worry too much about cooling off and all that, as long as you aren't texting her obsessively, you'll be fine!


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