Help me please,he confuses me

So about three years ago I met a lad through a few friends we hit if off straight away,he was always meeting other girls though and stuff,a few weeks later I got bored. We got speaking again a few months after that,drifted and again and again and again then about a year ago we got pretty close,cuddling and kissing when he walked me home and stuff,calling me he's baby,saying he's not goanna let me go he loves me,we stayed close then for a good few weeks then I was the one meeting boys all the time and he got with someone different and we just drifted again,then about five months on from then we bumped into each other with a group of friends and had cuddles and he walked me home we walked then for a few weeks too,always saying we was goanna go meet each other but we didn't,then about three months ago it was snowing he gave me he's coat and walked me home,then the next day I went out and met him,first time we met alone,we just sat kissing and cuddling for hours,the next Sunday I met him,the next Sunday after that,I started to be my self around him,we can act so weird around each other,he tried giving me a love bite and he gave me massages and I knew he had a lot going on with he's family but he doesn't really tell people but he told it to my face and he was crying,he said he felt like a right idiot crying in front of a girl,but I thought it was so cute. We've been speaking more or less everyday since the day we met,I then met him the Tuesday after that and we got into an argument about trust,because he said he can't trust me because I still hang around with boys and he barely ever even talk to any girls over pin,we walked off shouting at each other and by the time I walked home I had a message saying sorry and stuff then my best friend popped up,saying that she's meeting him on Sunday,for cuddles because she's knew him He's whole life and not even gave him a hug,so I didn't even act like I was bothered,then he knew I knew about them meeting so he popped up to me saying that he doesn't like her yet he's saying she has a nice bum and that he's not meeting he because I've got the wrong end of the stick,so we was arguing again over that,I went and met him on Tuesday and we sorted everything out,saying he's only goanna go to work,meeting me,or urban so I can trust him. We was speaking last night for the first time about our future,he said he doesn't wanna go in the army no more,if he gets to marry me,saying even if I got pregnant with someone else he'd still hold my hand and be there for it all the way through it,holding my hand bringing it up he's own. Saying that the best day of he's life will be marrying me,we was speaking since quarter to seven till half ten last night,he calls me he's princess,beautiful,says he lucky and never goanna let me go,normally we only last for a few weeks if that,this time its been three months or so,do you think he's changed?Does he really love me?Or is he goanna go back to the same?By the way this guys two years older than me and I've really fell for him x


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  • Yes, he does really love you.

    Talking to you about some deep personal stuffs makes him trust you more than anyone else.

    Also, the act of still believing to marry you, though you're pregnant, makes it, no doubt, that he's really willing to be with you, and loves you very much.

    Age doesn't matter so don't worry about it.


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