Depressed after a good first date

We went out for the first time yesterday on Valentine's day. Everything went well and we planned for a second date. However I am only around for a month each year, reality struck and I feel that it's not gonna work. If we get closer I will miss her too much and be really miserable. What should I do?


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  • I think that you are away too much of the year to have anything serious with her. If you were already in a relationship and then it turned into a LDR I might say you have a chance but you are just getting to know her. I'd say don't even go on the second date if you think you are going to miss her too much or give her the wrong idea. Does she know that you are gone most of the year?

    • Yes she knew right from the start...

  • Why are you gone so much? And I would say. Cut your losses. If you still wanna try it, I would say if you care about her. Then cut HER losses...


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