Guy is flirting even with a girlfriend?

(I know this is kind of long but some help would be much appreciated please ((: )

Basically I have known this guy since around third grade and we are both 17 now. I ended up moving 2000 miles away, but we kept in touch and when I would come to visit we would hang out and everything and always have a lot of fun. Throughout these years we have both admitted to being really really into each other(he told me he loved me a couple of times, supposedly) but every time he would almost beg me to go out with him, I would say no because 2000 miles is too big of a distance for me. So, he has had girlfriends during this 5-6 year period from when our attractions were admitted, and I had to kind of move on but even then he would still initiate convo's with me on Facebook, IM, texting etc. a lot saying how he wanted me to text him, he missed me, when was I visiting etc. He recently started talking to me again on FB but he has a girlfriend so I'm trying to just be friendly and not be "that" girl, but we were talking about something totally irrelevant, and he just brought up that he thought I was beautiful and he misses me and really wants to see me (I haven't physically seen him in about 3 years). He has to go to this boot camp thing around next year and he said he had to see me at least one more time before he left. He seemed really serious about it.

So, does he sound like a player? I'm nervous about whether to trust him even though I've known him for so long because if he can do that to his girlfriend, he can do the same to me, right? or do you think the girls he's dating are just girls to date and not necessarily girls he's really in to? Should I try to stay away from him?

idk I'm so close with him though I just feel like it's different.


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