How is it weird for a guy to like a tall girl and want 2 date her?

I like heard that at work and it kind of pissed me off. Is it a sin to like one. by the way I'm 6'1 and a short girl was saying it was odd around some other people. It wasn't towards me and I think it is dumb to be marking off a girl Because she is tall.


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  • I wouldn't think its weird and I have seen a bunch of couples in which the guys are shorter.

    I think its mean too that she said that.

    I would think that if the guy is confident and doesn't give a f*** about the height difference then it isn't important.

    • Well I live in a big city and I have seen over 50 couples where the tall girl is taller than the guy. In all honesty I think a lot of girls are okay with this so called height issue but some people stick to it though. A guy should be able to confident even though he isn't tall or even the girl is tall. If you think height=confidence then you already got the wrong idea.

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    • I get your point I was just saying that many aspects of a person can be related to that. you might think being tall is more important.

    • yea in a way but there is a such thing as too short (like dwarf sized) if it actually considered healthy but there's also such a thing as too tall that can be unhealthy. Height isn't even personality based as it is with being overweight.

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  • Where I live tall girls are considered ideal.

    • Is that in the US or somewhere else?

    • Sorry for the late response, I've been off GAG for a while. I live in Europe.

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  • I don't get why that would be weird. Everyone knows tall girls are the sexiest, what's not to like haha.

  • People like what they like.

    • Be specific

    • Everyone has different tastes. We're all attracted to various things -- that is perfectly fine.

      A girl your friend may find attractive, you may be attracted to.

      I like really curvy women, but other guys prefer petite women.

      It isn't weird, it is just something you like (tall girls.). Good luck to you with the girl!

    • Maybe so but saying tall girls aren't attractive because tall is never cute or try to say they are freakish. Doesn't make sense.