He hasn't texted in 2 days? has he lost interest?

Ive been talking to this kid for 2 weeks now he initiated most of the time.. we went out on one date. After the date I texted 2 days after and he answered right away, he even texted me again that same night. So I thought OK he's still interested! however, I didn't hear from him for another two days so I texted again to initiate to hangout..He agreed & set up a time but the following day he had to cancel to due work :/..its now been two days and I haven't heard anything! did he lose interest or am I over analyzing and he's maybe busy? and I don't want to reachout again!


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  • At this point it could be anything. It could be that he read, or was told that if he texted you too much it would seem too needy and you might be put off, when the reality is the exact opposite (you would like for him to text you).

    Give him a day or two more, then text him again saying you miss him, and see what happens.


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  • Have you texted him? And he didn't answer? Or are you waiting for him? Because people like to feel like you care too.

    • ive texted him twice already! and he's responded right away each time..but now its been 2 days and neither of us have reached out..i did it last time!

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    • I feel like if I text him I'm gonna seem desperate lol this is the 3rd time I'm reaching out! shouldn't he make the effort this time?

    • You said he initiates most of the time...3times in 2weeks isn't much.

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