Do you think middle class guys get screwed in the dating game?

It seems like guys from all social classes get girls relatively easy, except guys from the middle class that have been brought up with good values. Why do you think that is?

Every time there's a single guy, he always seems to be middle class. Trashy dudes get girls and rich dudes get girls, but why not just the normal guys?


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  • I think it is not the middle class, it is THE GUY. Which girls do you want? The bar or the library girl? Trashy guys end up having to pay child supports to all their babies mama(s). Rich guys can afford to take girls to good vacations or whatever comfortable status he can provide for her. Maybe it is the guy who either approaching the wrong girls or he is pushover and is insecure. Nothing scream clingy as a desperate and insecure guy who blame his values for not getting girlS. Nice guys don't finish last, nice guys give up and move on to the next girl. Therefore, he didn't realized that some girl needs to understand and get to know the guy before she will even consider him because she has standards too.

    • "Nice guys move on to the next girl"

      Yeah because that's all we're ever allowed to do. We're never allowed the chance to be a girl's man.

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    • So in other words, if you aren't Superman you don't stand a chance. That's awesome.

    • Maybe you should reflect on why you are not having success. What I am saying is what make you special/stand out when you are one out the more than 200 guys that approach her a year? Guys know this so they do the number game and girls know that. Why do you think most girls end up with a guy they trust and "fall" in love with? Because someone took the time to establish a trust and a relationship or they gave her the "Wow, he is different" from the rest. Don't hate, this my two cents.

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  • Honestly, I don't think it's whatever "class" you are, it's because you're nice. Nice guys don't finish last, but it will take you a lot longer to find who you are looking for because you have good values and won't settle. That's actually a good thing! My husband was the same--his family is actually middle class as well--and it really is just because of the nice guy thing. All girls say they want a "nice guy," when in reality more than 80% have no idea what they want, and they feel like they don't deserve someone who treats them well. I was one of those women, until I figured out what I wanted and what my values were and my standards as well. Until you find someone that holds the same values as you, stay single. Why would you want to settle for anything less, anyways? Sure, being single can suck, but I assure you, when you least expect it, that lucky lady will come at you out of nowhere. My husband did that to me. Best of luck in your endeavors!

  • I don't like to use the word "trash" when it comes to people who are poor unless they really ARE trash.

    But lots of guys from poor neighborhoods are tough and masculine and that attracts women.

    Rich guys can open doors for you, their money can buy better quality things and they tend to be confident and that is all attractive to women.

    If you are middle class and aren't a tough guy nor can wave your money around then you better have other qualities that attract women like a personality, looks, etc.

    You can't just sit on your ass and think women should come to you just because you're you. You have to have qualities that a woman would like.

    One annoying thing about nice guys is that they think that just because they offer basic politeness and civility that should be what women fawn for. No woman's panties ever got wet simply because a guy was nice.


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  • Google "The Ladder Theory" and you'll get your answer.

    • That all actually kind of makes sense unfortunately.

    • Yeah it is sad dude, but I like to deal with reality, because if we don't, reality will deal with us. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

    • Plan on it.