Does me not contacting him today make me look insensitive?

My boyfriend is sick with the flu (we think it's the flu). All week our communication has been off because of it. He barely talked to me except to say "Hi" and I asked him a few times how he's feeling.

Last night he finally did text me after a day of silence apologizing and explaining how sick he is :'( We talked for awhile and then I told him to get some rest.

Today, he didn't text me and I didn't text him, but now I'm thinking maybe I should have :/ Is it okay if I left him alone so he can sleep and rest?

Should I text him tomorrow asking how he's holding up or wait for him to text me? I HATE texting people first for some reason -___-


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  • You don't have to, but if you texted first it'd be very considerate.

    • Is it okay if I've been doing that for the past week that he's been sick? I just feel like I'm being annoying by texting him first all the time (this week only though) and asking how he's holding up.

    • I think it's fine. Switch things up if you feel it's annoying. Send him a funny picture, just say that you hope he's doing better, try just talking about normal stuff, those sort of things.

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