What did she want me to say?

I met this girl a couple of weeks ago. After talking for a couple of days I asked her to my formal for my fraternity, she said yes and was very excited.

Over the last couple of weeks hanging out with her at my fraternity, I have been having a lot of trouble figuring out if she likes me or not. We talk literally all the time over text. She knows a lot of people in my fraternity because she hung out there during the semester I was gone on an internship. So whenever she is over my fraternity, she acts very very different towards me, but she acts very similar and semi flirtatious with everyone else. She is very social, which is why I found it weird she was so awkward around me and she never really seems excited to see me.

When it is just us, we get along really well, but when other people are there she gets weird. She has asked me to hang out a couple of times, but I rarely can and when I can its never just us, there is always someone else there.

She has sent me images of dresses and other clothes she is buying and stuff and she texts me when she is bored. She has commented that we are literally always texting or messaging.

Now tonight she is sick and I have been talking to her all day asking how she is. She told me that one of the guys in my fraternity called her and said that he hopes she feels better and that he misses her. I didn't want to call her after she told me that because then it would seem too desperate and obvious and she told me that she told him that she missed him too because she would feel bad if she didn't. Then she told me that someone else called her babe, and that she said did you just call me that and he apologized and she said that its OK.

I had no idea how to react to that or what she wanted me to say. I really do like her, but I didn't want to start saying all this stuff to her because of the fact that she just told me all of that. But maybe I messed that up. I just didn't know how she wanted me to react to that. It probably also doesn't help that I am a little drunk. But what do you guys think?


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  • Sounds like she got nervous, just try talking to her.

    • I do try talking to her, but the problem is she is never alone, when it is just me and her we talk fine. But every time I invite her anywhere she is always with someone else and she just doesn't really talk to me.

    • But every time I invite her anywhere she is always with someone else and she just doesn't really talk to me. - there's your answer

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  • I think she sees you as a friend, and she has told you this stuff to get your reaction as a friend. So... if you want to connect with her in an intimate way, tell her you like her LIKE THAT. It's the *only* way to find out for sure, and perhaps she likes you too but is waiting for you to make the move.

    • I really want to tell her I like her, but I don't know if I want to before our formal, because if I get rejected, that will make formal extremely awkward. I asked her to come over yesterday, she did but she came with one of our new members who lives in her dorm. It seems like I can never just get a one on one with her, if I could do that it would be fine.

    • Do you have her number/ Facebook? Try a message

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  • She wants you to treat her as your own girl now.

    Telling you all of that is a sign that you need to move fast, because if you don't, she'll be taken away by those "ninja-moving" guys.

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