He texted me "Good morning" at 3am when I told him I was leaving at that time, does he like me?

so I've been chatting with an old guy friend of mine who I hadn't seen in 3 years (we weren't that close but still friends). we've really gotten along and I think I like him and I think he likes me too but I'm still not 100% sure. apparently he had a thing for me years ago.

I was talking to him last night and told him I was getting up for a flight to Maine at around 3am. I checked my phone around that time and got his "Good morning" text. I was so surprised but really giddy.

he told me he was a night kind of person and liked staying up.

I texted him back but he hasn't text me back ha ha -I assume he fell asleep

what do you think? would you stay up/wake up that early to text "good morning" to a girl you didn't have an interest in? do you think he likes me?


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  • thats what I would have done if I liked a girl so I'll say yes, even though he was still awake when you had only just woke up I'd say he likes you :)


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  • I guess I would still do that even if he's just a friend. Lol I'm that kind of a stupid girl, I give my friends (guys or girls) my all, to prove that I'm a true friend. But many guys misunderstand these acts of mine and interpret it like you did. But again, that doesn't exclude the possibility that he likes you.