Signs of a good "date"?

Okay, so this guy I've known for 7 months invited me out for coffee. It's not the first time we've been out together. Things have always been up & down between us, & I was at times doubtful of his interest in me, even though he told a mutual friend he liked me. Anyway, I think our coffee "date" went really well...

* We spent over and hour together. Great conversation, laughing etc.

* He was a total gentleman - pulling out my chair for me; opening the door for me; paying(haha!); walked me to my car.

* We maintained steady eye contact, like a lot!

* He told about a girl I thought he liked, but he told me she liked him more than he ever liked her

* He said how much he was enjoying himself

* He was affectionate - hugging me hello & goodbye

So, it definitely seems like we had a good time. He hasn't texted me since, but he did ask if he was going to see me tomorrow (we work out at the same gym). Sign of good things to come? Opinions please :)


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  • Sounds promising! Good luck!

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