If you had to make this choice, what would it be?

A guy asked me out and he seems nice, but I'm not sure he's my type. We've only been out twice, so I only know a little about him and I'm just not sure how I feel.

A few days after I went out with this guy the second time, I was on Facebook and chatted a friend from high school who I had a crush on. I'd been thinking about him and wondering what would've happened if we'd been able to date. Because he liked me too, it just was bad timing. Ever since we messaged that night he's been texting me and I think he still likes me. He wants to hang out when we're both him from college. I wasn't expecting that to happen.

So, I can either see where it goes with this new guy or see what happens with the guy I liked in high school. Sometimes I think I need to get over the guy from high school and see what else is out there. Other times I think I might always be wondering "what if?" if I don't go for it.

So, 2 questions here, who would you choose? And am I just not feeling it with the new guy because I want an excuse to go for the old one?


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  • only you can know. but I would not blow the chance for a relationship for a guy who just wants to "hang out"