Do I text reply or not!?

Had a date set with someone I was truly excited to meet.

It was a few days before his birthday. I was away and even bought him a sweet (coconut patties) from Miami :-)

He texted me that he was sorry but had to reschedule. I never heard from him. I sent a text to him in error (intended for mom). No reply.

It's a month later and he texts me - how have you been?

What can I say back? Or ignore?

I liked him and wonder but don't want to set the precedence that it's okay to fall off the face of the earth.



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  • did youi meet him through the internet or a dating site? That's what I'm sort of gathering since you said you hadn't met him yet. If you did meet him through a dating site, people do that all the time, they get all hyped up about talking to someone only when the actual time comes to meet them they get cold feet for some reason.. But that's just assuming that's where you met him. :)

    • Yes - you are right :-) Met on Match & was especially excited. What do you think I should do? Text? Or not?

    • typial for dating sites, believe me... anyway, Here's what I think could have happened, he was really super busy and has finally got to the point where he can go out on a date. But I think he should have given you a time frame a month ago. OR, he's got a bunch of girls he's talking to and possibly meeting and has now gotten back to you. Me, personally, would not text back, that's too much time gone by. But, its only a date, so if your curiousity is still aroused by him, I d call him.

    • I like your point of view

      Still deciding. I may just say 'what happened' out of curiosity.

      Thank you.