I can't read this guy. Is he interested?

This guy and I have known each other for a long time, but just recently began to text each other.

He is ALWAYS there for me when I need him. I always text him first though..

The only time he texts me first is for specific reasons.

We were at an event together and I saw him leave without telling me bye, but immediately after he walked through the door I received a text saying "Gotta head home. Bye" Needless to say, that really threw me off.

He is a very nonsocial person around most people.

I invited him to go on a trip a few hours away with a friend of mine and a guy she's interested in, I didn't expect a yes when I asked, but he said that he would like to go if he didn't have a lot to school work to do on that day. Another thing that threw me off.

Help me figure this guy out.


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  • You must be having a bad luck streak with that guy.

    There's always something coming up for him. It would be best if you can spend a lot of time with him.


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