I thought we were dating so why didn't he call?

I have been casually dating this guy for a couple of weeks, we met on a dating site so I know he wants a relationship. Our dates have been great (at least I think so) consisting of dinner, drinks, and cuddling or making out while watching movies. I asked if he was seeing anyone else and he said no. We went out the other night with his friends who seemed to like me too and then went back to his house to watch tv. I ended up spending the night in his bed, which wasn't the first time but we never had sex or did anything sexual but I know he was getting excited. He said that we will go out on Saturday night to this place and that he would call me but last night, there was no call and I am left wondering what happened. He seems like a really good guy and I don't think all he wants is sex but who knows, men confuse me. I want to call him but then I think maybe I shouldn't as not to seem needy but I want answers too. Why didn't he call me? :(


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  • He must be busy about something. You need to be patient and wait.


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