Did I over-react? Please be honest

So I am single again. I am not sure what I did was the right thing to do. As some of you must have known, I was dating a guy for 2 weeks. I met his parents and then my date and I went to meet my friends for dinner and desert. My date of two weeks told me that he went with a masseuse that offered him a “happy ending” but of course he said no. That of course put a little seed of doubt in my mind. I decided to let this go but I was not impressed...not one bit.

Then as we were walking towards the venue hand in hand, he then decided it was appropriate to check out every single girl. Fine you can look but you cannot touch. Now I was feeling fine, looking sexy and smelling good and he didn’t even compliment me on my appearance! I decided to let this go too.

The next day, he met another bunch of my mates and he didn’t pay attention to me the WHOLE night AT ALL. I am not clingy but I would like him to talk to me a little bit. Mainly because he was so engrossed with one of my girlfriends. Then we walked around he the WHOLE NIGHT he AGAIN was checking out other chicks. I am feeling less and less attractive at that point even though I put like an hour into my appearance so he can appreciate me a little bit. I know I look hot and I know that, but I want him to tell me for goodness sake! I need to hear it! You know how he greeted me when I arrived at his house? He was like “ay” and then told me to come in. The look on his eyes was akin to as if he was looking at a tree or something.

So anyway, the night came at an end and I decided to give him one last chance to make me feel special so I proceeded to make out with him and the connection just wasn’t there. So then I pulled away from him and I started driving. We were really silent and I wasn’t feeling great because of him. So then I said “I don’t think we should see each other again” and he said “ok...why?” and then I said “I don’t have a connection with you” really abruptly to which he said “ok then”.

When we arrived at his house, he said “well i’ll speak to you sometime then” to which I replied “eh” and then he quickly got out of my car and then I sped off. Was I over-reacting? Do I have a problem? I need your honest opinions but please be respectful. I just wasn’t feeling special and I am not one of those desperate chicks that stay with a guy if he is going to treat her like crap. If you treat me less than a queen, I'm leaving.


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  • No, I just needed to read the first paragraph to know this guy was a douche. In fact, I knew he was a douche at "he told me his masseuse offered him a happy ending"...and you needed to know that why? Oh yeah...because he just wanted a reaction out of you...because you're a little toy with buttons and it's entertaining for him, that's why.


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  • I agree also not an overreaction.

    If a girl spent so much time to look good for me, I'd sure tell her how beaufiful she is! This guy sounds like a dumbass.

  • He might have been trying to play "hard-to-get". I don't know why he would take you out if he didn't like you. Maybe he's just clueless about how to treat girls.

    • Sounds like he's severely lacking in the manners department.

  • Nope. You did the right thing. This guy was a prick

  • Two things.

    A. "if you treat me less than a queen, I'm leaving." That really makes you sound like a conceited brat not fit for dating, you realize that?

    B. Reading what you said, it didn't sound like you two were a couple, much less you were overreacting. You had dated a guy for two weeks? That's not long. It sounds like there was nothing there, you realized it, and made the simple decision, "I'm not wasting more time like this, have a nice day."

    • Look buddy... when I said that, I meant that even though I am going to be treating you special, you need to make me feel special too. Not every day, but see how I am and compliment me like once or something espeically when I put so much effort. You sound like him and you aren't fit for dating too. I am very fit for dating because I know what I have. I do NOT appreciate a guy for his roaming eyes. No woman does.

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    • Ok already just please leave. I don't need justification from you.

    • No, what you need is common sense and some maturity. If you had any, at the start you would have said something like, "Okay yeah, that did sound a bit bratty. I meant xyz." And you would have patted yourself on the back because even though you sounded bratty, I agreed that it was not an overreaction in the least.

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  • BRAVO! I admire your self respect! :) I wouldn't have changed a thing.

  • You don't sound like you're overreacting. I think you handled it well.

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