Did he stop talking to me because he realizes I'm "off limits?"

I used to talk to this guy constantly via text message, we even talked on the phone for over an hour once.

I finally admitted to him I had dated someone he worked with. Since then, he hasn't really talked to me much.

In fact, he only texts me while drunk now. Pretty much never texts just b/c.

He actually really encouraged me to try to get back together with my ex because he thought my ex was still interested. I tried... but the ex said no.

I figured my friendship with this guy would improve after that... He even took me out for breakfast and paid once. We had a great time chatting. I know he used to be kind of a player in the past, but he's never been bad to me.

Idk, am I just off limits now and he's trying to avoid me or what? He still texts me when he's drunk to see what I'm up to... and we have nice chats then... but never while sober anymore. Maybe a few texts per week that I initiate... but not much else other than drunk txting. :/ What's the deal?


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  • This guy really likes you which is why he's acting so strange. Maybe he was put off because you dated someone he knows. I don't know. Your story sounds like the typical, "Girl has a guy friend. Guy friend likes girl. Girl doesn't like guy friend like that. Guy friend starts acting all weird once girl shows that she has no real interest in him." I think you should just come out and ask him what's up?

    • Oh. Hm. Yeah, I really don't have any interest in dating him, but I really like him as a friend.

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    • Be honest. When he drunk texts you, do you find it kinda cute? After our little dialog here, it doesn't sound like you're off limits. It sounds like that between the two of you, there's a never ending game going on.

    • Cute? Idk, I enjoy hanging out with him, but I don't know if it's cute per se. I don't know if there's a game on my part... I just want a friend... and he... idk. not sure what he's going for.

  • It's because you're off limits that he's stop talking to you.

    He badly wants to be with you.


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