Does roommate not like texting me?

My guy roomie always takes a bit to reply back when we're texting, I never thought anything about it until recently my girl roomie and I texted him at the same time. He instantly replied to her text and carried on a convo with her for bit until like literally 30 min later he finally txd me back. What gives?


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  • Are you just texting for general convo? To be honest that's a little weird. I used to live with my bff whom I was always on the phone with before I moved in. After I moved in we NEVER talked on the phone or texted. Unless it was like "hey can you stop by the store" or something very important (like my mom having a car wreck). Otherwise we saw each other enough and needed space.

    • Yeah pretty much, I don't know it just bugged that he did that. Maybe he doesn't like to text ?

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    • Well either you like him in a different way (and should look for a new place) or get over it.

    • Get over it

  • No offense but she's either better at convo or hotter than you

    • Could be, because we had basically asked him the same question. Idk, he had told me he liked me ..a while back tho.

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