Do I need to move on?

ok so me and this boy have liked each other scene last year in 7th grade and this was all the signs he gave me


*long eye contact

*got closer

*followed me

*mind games

*just a hole bunch of other stuff

but here is the thing he never talked to me the hole year long I would text him... Then he would never reply I would try my best to start a conversation with him it just dint work...then summer break came and ya texted him and he still never were both in 8th grade and we still make eye contact and all of that but are connection is not as deep any more we still make eye contact like every once in a while but its just not how it used to be and so just last week he was talking to my friend that a guy and he told him he likes me and I had him text him for me and he said why do you never text back to her and he was like idk? I will text her later or something like that...but then he never did...and its been almost 2 years with all of this staring and stuff but no communication...idk what to do plzz help..?


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  • You really need to move on.

    Yes, he's attracted to you, however he doesn't have the confidence and effort to move things forward.


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  • LOL I'm in the same situation with a girl who has a crush on me and I like her a lot but I haven't talked with her she wants me to make the first move but its a scary thing to do.


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  • He's clearly not as into you unfortunately as you'd like him to be. Eye contact doesn't mean much. Fact is, if he was really interested and wanted you then he would have made a move by now, it's not that hard to reply to a text and I'm sure he would have tried to bring the message across by now that he likes you. Stop texting him and let him start doing the work if he's genuinely into you.