I hate mind games and I'm so confused...help?

okay, so a guy that I've been interested in, and apparently he is interested in my as well, have been talking non stop for about 3 weeks now. I'm not really a fan of texting 24/7 but he seems to be a fan of it. He texts me every morning, texts me a few hours later again if I don't reply, or even calls me just to say what's up. Now I feel this coming off as needy but I don't mind because he is very fun to talk to, and makes me laugh. I enjoy his company as well. Last Friday he told me "my friend tiffany wants to met you, and I want you to meet her as well" tiffany is his best family friend, and just us 3 hung out. But I noticed when I flirt with him he changes the subject or only writes back a smiley face...and today Itold him to have a great night at work and to call me if he wants to do anything, he ignored my question and told me to look for him as he drives by for work (my shop is on a main street and he was driving by) now why wouldn't he just come in and say hello?

yet he still texts me goodmorning EVERY day, texts me all day, and tells me he thinks I'm very attractive...I'm confused


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  • 1. Texting is really really bad.

    2. Stop texting if you want to have a relationship.

    3. Only talk in person.

    4. Remember.

    5. No texting if you want to find a man.

    6. Unless you just text him and say "I'm deprived"

    7. Sounds like he wants 3 in bed.

    8. He is relying on anti-social media.

    9. Escape.


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  • hmmm well if I were you id be glad a guy texts you heaps ( most guys dnt bother and its annoying waiting an waiting for a text ) its great he wanted you to meet his best friend, but this whole him egnoring your flirts could be he wants to be chased as well it seems he's showing you heaps of attetion with texts but he wants your attention too so before he messages good morning why don't you try do it first and see his reaction ? does he actually flirt with you by text or any other way ? ( he may be shy ?