Should I be concerned?

My Fiancé and I have been together for four years and are planning to get married in three months, he has become really close to a female co-worker and now he's activated online dating accounts, he says he's just Curious And that I have nothing to worry about, But I've been cheated on many times in the past and am very uncomfortable about these situations, I don't know how to handle it. I am pretty hurt and upset. Just wondering of all guys do this or if it's something I should be worried about


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  • i'm laughing right now. I really am.

    not because of his actions (that's sad) but because of you - being so naive. I mean, WHAT?! you're just wondering if you should be worried about this?

    how old are you, 12? I mean, get real. really, start using your brains.

    1. getting close with another women and 2. activating dating accounts 3 months before the wedding?

    who does that? definitely not someone who's in love and is happy to get married.

    it's a red alert in your face, honey. don't let your feelings get in a way of a rational decision here. this guy is not the right one. it simply can't be. just look at his actions. look at them. what do they tell you?

    here's my prediction: you're probably weak (plus in a hurry, you're 30-35, desperate for marriage/kids) and you'll forgive/forget or whatnot and eventually get married despite his completely disrespectful and inappropriate behavior.

    i'm looking forward reading you bitching about "larger" problems soon.


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  • Setting up a dating site account is not trivial. And if he's activated several (as in more than one) then you have every reason to be upset.

    Frankly, I'm amazed you haven't dumped him already. He doesn't sound like he is serious about marriage.


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  • Do the same and see how he likes that if he asks tell him you're just curious. Or tell him straight you don't like what he's doing and that you hope his curiosity has a dead line cos you feel like shutting down to him and just leave since you just have to stand there and witness all that attention he gives to other women and that you hate getting triggered like that.

  • I would be worried if I were you- it's totally justified. Even if he doesn't intend to act on anything that might come of an online dating account, there shouldn't be any reason to create one. Sorry you're in this situation :(

  • I'd be very worried if I were you. What exactly is he curious about? To see how many girls will message him, how far (in theory) he can go with these girls? Has he uploaded pictures of himself, does his relationship status say he's single? What does he say on his profile he's looking for, friends or a relationship?

    Has he told you about these accounts or did you find out on your own?

    I honestly don't think that a decent guy who's dedicated to his girlfriend and his relationship is going to join dating sites. That's just not on.