Dating outside your race? Could you? Would you?

Do you have specific rules about dating outside your race,or do you not care?

Have you,would you?

I for one don't normally date outside,I try to stick with my own race(plain ol white) however,I've been chatting it up with a guy who's Arabian but you know what? I really don't care about his skin color..All I care about is how he treats me.that's all that matters,really. He seems real nice..and charming,I can't resist:p


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  • I don't care about this race thing ... if she is good and talks care of me and has a good personality and we like each other then this all what matter's to me


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  • I just try to stick to my own race and only approach Indian/Pakistani girls. The only girls who I'd consider dating outside of my race are Middle Eastern girls or Hispanic girls but even then, I'd hesitate to ask them out because there are so many few girls who actually find brown skinned Indian/Pakistani guys to be attractive. Hell, as days and years are progressing the number of girls of my own race are started to lose attractiveness towards us and want white guys like many girls I know of. But yeah, I'd either stick to girls of my own race or go for girls of races like Middle Eastern or Hispanic because our skin color is much similar to theirs as compared to whites, blacks, or Asians.

  • "Could you? Would you?"

    - I couldn't care less about race.

    "Do you have specific rules about dating outside your race,or do you not care?"

    I have rules as to what kind of personality I seek for, in a person. That usually has little to do with race.


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