Should I like him/does he like me? And do you think it could all work out?

So I was drunk at a party and passed out on a couch. This guy I know, but not well, passed out on the same couch. He was rubbim my legs and tracing patterns all night. Long story short, we started talking on Facebook and I gave him my phone #. He asked me to hang out, so I met up with him and went to his house. We watched a movie and then cuddled and talked for 3 hours. We ended up hooking up for about 20 minutes. He also walked me to the bus stop and kissed me goodbye.

The small problem is is that he is in grade 12 and a different school than me. I am in grade 10. My best friends older brother is his best friend and really doesn't think we should hang out. His best friends are the grade 12s at my school and think the same thing. I heard rumors about him being a LG player and they bothered me so, we ended up hanging out two days after we last hung out and I has to ask him. He seemed surprised and said that he didn't have a reasonable explanation to the rumors. He seemed to be genuine. I stayed at his house for another 2 hours and we cuddled, kissed and talked about random stuff. Then he walked me to the bus stop, but he seemed kind of out of it and didn't hold my hand or anything.

I'm just wondering if I should let myself like him because I do, but I can't really see it going really far. Also my mom doesn't know we have been hanging out and doesn't like him very much. We get along REALLY well and have a lot in common and I want to be able to hang out with him and have a good time without worrying that I'm just another hookup. Any thoughts?


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  • Looks like it is his another hookup, sorry, just my thoughts. People don't change if there is no big reason to do that. And there need to be really important reason why people warn you to stay away from him. You are young and you can find better person, don't let this guy play with you hurt you later.

    Like I said, it's just my thoughts!


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  • I think you should go for it, people could be jealous that you are getting an older guy. If he's nice to you, why not.

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