"I like you. You're a sweet guy. I'd just like to go with the flow and not rush into anything"

Hello. I been talking to this Girl for a couple of weeks now , and we seen to connect and we can talk just about anything. Our first date was great she even made the move to kiss me first . And asked me on a second date which was very successful, we when out clubbing . She invited me over her house for dinner and a movie and I told her to pick one of her favorite movie she had at home for us to watch . The night was a success I spent the night over and we did the nasty . I plan a valentine date for us which I screw up cause I had to watch my brother kids why he and his wife when out and they didn't get back in time for me to meet her. I told her I was sorry and she said it was okay that I knew it was bullsh*t. Following day I texted her to asked how's her day was and told her that I'm really sorry for not coming through , she told me I should had told her that I had my brother kids than me telling her I was going be there shortly, she told me she was upset I told next time I would let her know and promise her ,so I give her space didn't talk to her for couple of days . I send her a messages saying " good afternoon Do you think you'll ever like me again ? Text yes or no . Only reason I send that messages cause she was upset and I wanted to know how she still fell about me and her reply was "I like you. You're a sweet guy. I'd just like to go with the flow and not rush into anything" and I sent another message saying "I really respect you honesty and being up front with . I'm totally fine with taking things slowly and please don't feel pressured to move at a pace any faster than you feel comfortable with" I haven't gotten a reply back. I do like this lady we are the same age her birthday is a day before mine. What should I do?


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  • She's wanting to take things slow, let things progress at a slower pace. You did okay. Just don't push her :-) I think you two will be fine.


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  • There is nothing much you can do at the moment but I think that things between you two are going not that bad. Wait for a while, but not for too long and invite her on a date.


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  • You're pushing it too hard.

    You f***ed up.

    She wants to move slowly to rebuild confidence in you.

    Rebuild her confidence by not f***ing up a lot.

    There's not much to discuss with her so stop pestering her about it.

    • How am I f*****ing up? Three date 2sex night? What am I doing wrong man?

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    • You're trying to hard to fix it.

      Time will fix it.

      Let it go. Be reliable and she will forget this as one mistake. Right now it's early so she's wondering if its how you are.

    • Thanks man. I really don't like when a female I'm attractive to call me nice or sweet guy.

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