Girls would you date guys with either of these personalities?

Assuming you found the guy attractive. Would you date someone who:

A) Was shy and wouldn't go out of his way very much to talk to you outside of school unless you started the conversation or gave him the idea that you both should hang out even while you were dating. Also your schedules both conflicted and it would be very hard to see each other outside of school.

B) A guy who always wanted to talk and hang out outside of school, not giving you very much time alone.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • depending on the personality of the boy. if he's boy b and has a great personality then yes I would over look the no privacy thing same for boy a (infact I'm with one right now)

    but if they were a horrible person who treated me badly then neither. and its the same with most girls I think.


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  • no,

    a.- I don't want to do all the job.

    b.- he needs to give me space.

    most of the relationship needs to have a balance.

  • It would be almost impossible to tell if boy A was interested, and boy B is much better but could be clingy.


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