Who has it harder when it comes to dating and relationships, men or women?

In my opinion, men have it much harder. Men risk getting rejected more, while women can sit and wait for the man to approach her and shoot him down. Who has it harder when it comes to dating and relationships, men or women?


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  • Women have it harder.

    Guys can choose who to chat up, and how much effort to spend chatting them up.

    Women are usually too crippled by fear to do anything, except strive to be noticed, and hope they are noticed by the guy they actually like.

    For the girls, it's all so much random luck. At least guys have control over who they approach and how.

    • This is true. I went to an all-girls high school, and as a result we were in charge of finding our own dates for dances and such. It was a refreshing change of pace.

    • I guess I had it wrong

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  • i think women because most of us like to wait for the guy to make all the moves because we don't want to come off as clingy or desperate so we kind of have to play a waiting game. men can pick and choose who they want to talk to, while women kind of just sit back and see who approaches them

    • Are you single? You're cute.

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    • Let me send you a friend request, I want to talk to you more.

    • i like to think it's easier for women, because women can be shy, quiet, have social anxiety, be socially-awkward, socially-inept, be a recluse, and the odds will be more heavily in a womans favor than a man who is like that, guys have to have better social-skills than girls do on average

  • neither.

    a girl doesn't have total freedom to pursue a guy and be agressive. but she decides if something happens or not

    while the guy has the freedom but has to accept rejection.

    so if the girlĀ“s crush is a wimp she will have it harder because if she does somthing she can scare the guy away.

    while if the girl is snotty the guy can be rejected pretty bad.

  • It's about even

  • I thought you gave up on dating?

    I reread and answered most of your questions in the past few months,

    YOU have it harder with dating. Just do your own thing!

    • I'm allowed to ask a question about it OK. No I'm looking to date anybody but I can be curious about it.

    • but you ask it all the f***ing time

    • Because I can, don't answer my questions if you have a problem with them. Problem solved.

  • Neither. I think dating and trying to date is hard on everyone.


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  • women, because not only do they not have to initiate anything, but they don't need to have as much qualifications, traits as we guys do in order to be dating and relationship material, as in girls do not really need much or don't need anything going for them in their lives, they don't need to be comfortable and content, secure with themselves while they are single, can still live with their parents at pretty much any age, a girl can be bratty, boring, have no life, insecure and still get a date or boyfriend, be socially-awkward, socially-inept, be a recluse, etc.

    • my bad, I mean men, what I typed is my argument, comment as for why I like to think women have it easier

  • the status quo makes me fills me with rage

  • You missed an important point, and even said it in your own question. Women don't usually do the approaching, so they pretty much have to hope a guy comes to talk to them. For all the girls a guy is too afraid to approach, you don't stop to think that those girls are missing out on opportunities as well?

    Anyway to answer your question, no gender has it tougher because it all comes down to the person in question (which seems to be the answer for 95% of the questions on this site anymore).

    • I thought women had it easier, it seems like that's not the case.

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    • All a woman has to do is sit there and look pretty, then a guy will approach her and that's it. Women have it easier in the dating game.

    • So I guess you missed the point about the fact that girls usually don't approach and have to rely on guys having the "courage" to approach?