Guy I used to date teases me again

Well a guy and I dated for a very short amount of time, but we got to know each other really and our personalities just meshed well too, even though we basically met when we first started dating/hanging out. It was toward the end of the school year so I knew it was not going to last long. He did not want any commitment over the summer, but we still talked the same way, so I told him I couldn't talk to him over the summer because I couldn't be just friends with him and talk flirtatiously. It only took him a month to miss me and we talked, but I met someone else over the summer whom I ended up dating. My ex and I gradually starting talking less and less and now we did not talk all semester.

Last night, I was at a country concert (we both love country music), and I texted him asking if he went. We had a good text conversation that night during the concert. We had jokes about whether I was getting any numbers from artists or if I was trying to get some (because I had an all-access pass and I was able to meet the artists and be backstage). I said no but I told him that he would find one of the artists beautiful and he said ha I'm sure. It seemed like he did not want to stop talking to me.

Later in the convo, we talked about our job (we have the same student position) and my school work for my senior thesis, which he found interesting. I made a joke and he said I made him laugh. Later since I know him pretty well, he told me I read him like a book and stuff. There was a lot of teasing sarcasm in the conversation altogether and we texted until around 2 am when he fell asleep. Like one time "your sarcasm never changes" and he said "i try lol"

I am just surprised that he was wanting to text me. I mean if he did not want to talk he could have stopped, right?


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  • He probably still has a thing for you. Some people have a hard time with making relationships work when they can't see a person but it was his fault for not wanting to keep it official. Friendships often become awkward after you have dated someone because you know that person intimately and to switch back to a prior time is difficult and strange. If there was no interest whatsoever he would not have texted back so much although he may have still texted back. I think there's a high probability that he still has a thing for you.

    • 2 days later, he texted me again like "whats up?" and he wanted to talk to me, but I was with friends so I felt bad I could not talk to him as much as I wanted to. I was surprised that I got a text from him though but our conversations are pretty much the same as when we did date. Why do you suppose he has a thing for me still and we broke up 7 months ago and we only went out for a month, and there was nothing sexual in our relationship.

    • I'm thinking he just never found anyone else and you were still on his mind. It must have meant something to him if he still wants to be with you.

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