What is the next step to get this girl? Any advice?

So.. I met this girl in class and we hit it off , I took her number but it was for something related to class and I put her as my friends in FB and I started liking the girl more and more so I started chatting with her in class and over fb and all super cool, flirting with each other and having normal conversation, so today I send her a text asking her out for next Thursday but in a cool way and she said yes but she had to check her work schedule and that's it. My question is to you guys and girls, How should I keep in touch with her cause I don't want to keep bombarding her with words and conversation too often cause I get paranoid and think I'm bothering her and I don't wanna throw her off you know.. and I wanna keep in touch with her till next Thursday so she gets comfortable talking to me in case we go out? Should I write her sometimes on FB or text her once or twice in the weekend? Any Advice girls and guys?


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  • It depends on how often you talked before, how she's responded in the previous convos, & your judgment of how into you she might be.

    Personally, I get worried when a guy I'm getting to know texts too often, it's a snap reaction. Too interested. Sounds stupid, but there it is. If I'm just coming around to the idea of being interested in him, a couple texts/short convo every two days is great, if I'm into him, he could text me every day or every other day and I'd be happy, but this isn't an exact science, obviously.

    I think the problem is, when people like someone, they build up expectations and stop acting like themselves and thus they have to worry about things like texting too much. If you downplay your interest in her to yourself and make yourself busy with the other things in your life, you'll naturally find an appropriate rhythm of communication with her (and any other girls).

    That said, I think it's acceptable to wait til Monday to text her with a casual hi, how's it going and after that convo is over, perhaps wait until Thursday to text again and just be casual about it, as if you didn't necessarily expect that your plans would work out. Because, what if she cancels? Things change during the week. In general, making plans that far in advance sucks, from my experience. Too much possibility that something comes up.

    • I agree.. I was gonna text her today or maybe tomorrow but seen this maybe I'm not gonna do it, I'm gonna back off and text her in a few days. I know every girl is different but don't you think I should text her at least once in the weekend so she knows that I'm thinking about her and throw the possibility that she start thinking about me too? What should I do?

    • Well noticed I said it depends on how she reacts to conversations to you (is she casual, chilly, distracted or totally into it, replying often, staying engaged?) and how often you talked before. If you stop talking to her all of a sudden she might be like what the heck ... or she might start missing you. It's basic and it's silly, but if I'm into the guy and he takes a while to reply I'm like WAITING for his text. So it's up to you how you want to play it, I wasn't there, I can't judge.

    • In my opinion, unless she's already got too many guys to handle or isn't that into you to begin with, you're not going to "throw" your chances. If you have to ask yourself "am I texting too much?" - maybe your instincts are telling you something. More often than not, I've found, your instincts (NOT your impulses!) are right.

  • i'd say wait a few days and then text her and ask what's up, how she's doing, stuff like that. if she likes you, you won't be bothering you, she'll be happy you're texting her. you could probably text her like twice or so until Thursday, I don't think that would come off as bombarding her at all.

    • Really once or twice only , you girls don't like guys talking too much even if you like them and know he is very interested or the opposite ?

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    • haha no its totally okay! if I'm really into him then like a few times a day, maybe two or three is OK but more than that could get annoying especially if I'm busy or something. I would start off texting her like once a day just to kinda feel her out and see how interested she is, then take it from there and if she's responding good then you can text her like maybe two times a day. you also kinda want to give her some time to miss you, you know what I mean? let her wonder what you're up to, etc.

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