Red haired women do you like guys with the same colored hair or different colored hair.

Red haired women do you only like other red heads or do you like guys with different colored hair than you? would you date a guy with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes or prefer someone who mirrors your hair color and eye color? yes I realize this is a stupid question which is what this site is for.

  • Im red haired and ide date a guy different than me.
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  • Im red haired and I wouldent date a guy different than me.
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  • Im a red head and I LOVE red headed men! Its so hard to find that beautiful color on a guy and they look so cute!

    • damn that's what I'm afraid of wtf I heard anther red haired women say this to wow you wouldent date a cute guy with dark brown hair?

    • of course I would! hair color makes no difference, I like them dark and handsome as well :)

    • thats refreshing to hear red haired women are awsome but some of em only date red haired men I heard which is IMO really weird and judgemental.

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  • I am a redhead who is a sucker for dark hair. Usually will not go near the lighter tones, just my personal preferance =)

  • I like brown hair

  • I'm a redhead but prefer blondes


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