How can you tell when someone is in love with you?

I have been seeing this women but I can't really tell if she likes me enough to start a relationship, we hang out a lot but I think we are just friends, but she trusts me with all of her heart. We've been on dates, but those dates usually has other friends involved. So I don't know where this is all going. I don't know if I should just ask her if we are dating or go something along those lines of saying it to her. I could use a woman's opinion on this one for sure. Thanks again everyone for the advice.


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  • She's probably not in love with you yet. Love should come after the relationship.

    Just tell her you'd like to be on the same page and ask her where she sees the relationship going.

    I kind of get the drift that you haven't been on "official" dates. Ask her on one, just you and her. Make it a traditional dinner or something so it's clear it's a date. See how that goes then do it again :)

    • That being said, I've had guys assume we were dating when I was under the impression we were friends. You need to discuss it! NO ASSUMPTION!

  • if you haven't been on official dates she's probably not that interested


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