How long do you wait before dating again after a break up?

My boyfriend, or ex boyfriend now, stopped texting me cause he got "sick" like a week ago. I sent a few texts asking how he's doing but he never responded. I think its over between him and I.

Anyways, there's this one other guy that I really like and all my friends say he likes me too. I've known him for a while but we didn't start hanging out until like December. I really like him and want to go out with him. Should I do that?

He's tried going out with me before but I was holding back because I was seeing that other guy. But now that I'm single I want to date him :3


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  • Then ask him out. It sounds like you don't care much for the other dude anyways.

    • I care a lot about him but after him being a jerk and now saying a word to me for that past 8 days now, I'm over it. I actually even cried cause I thought we had something really good but my friends told me to stop and he's not worth it. Which is true. Guess I'm lucky I've got this other guy I can turn to who actually cares about me and everyone says will be good for me.

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