How to I grow our friendship into a relationship over text?

Ok so I know this girl and we have been friends for 6 years, we have plans for the future. She lives in NC I live in FL we have plans for her to come down in a few months. What I want to know is how can I get her to fall in love with me more, and how can I get her wet over text, we message everyday all day, and Skype about once a week or so. So it has to be over text. Any help would be great, and if the text is not to straight forward that would be great also.


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  • Flirt. Use wink faces once in a while. Send little hints to her that you're interested. Maybe at night you could be like "sooo... what are you wearing?" and when she replies you could be like "just kidding lol" or if she does tell you compliment her ("that's a nice color" or "that sounds cute"). Start the flirting slowly and build it up. I don't know what type of girl she might be, but I don't like when guys try to flirt with me and call me "hot" or "sexy". I prefer "cute" "beautiful" "gorgeous" "stunning".

    Play around with her. Use cheesy pick up lines and make her laugh. Then compliment her laugh.

    Omg I'm corny lol.

    Good Luck (:

    • What would be some of those pick up lines?

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    • Knowing her those would make her laugh, thanks

    • Yayy. I'm glad. And you're welcome

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