What would you do if you have been single for a few years and can't find a date?

I'm fairly attractive but kind of shy and reserved. Haven't had even a casual boyfriend in 3 years, and I would like one. How can I work on getting one? I already work out fairly regularly, I just can't find someone that I click with.

*Would like a real boyfriend though, not a casual one.


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  • just keep trying, don't get down on yourself. who knows, you could meet someone tomorrow! just stick your nose out there and be more outgoing and don't fear defeat, what's the worst someone can do if you approach them to say hi? walk away?

  • do you get approached by guys often or not much? if you do get approach often are they mostly by guys who are not your type I am guessing?

    • I don't really get out much since college, that's the problem. Deleted my FB because it took me 2 years to get a "real" job after graduation, but even if I had it back, very few people I knew in hs would be around. They're all in grad school, med school, law school, or moved to another state for a job. I joined some meetup groups but it's hard for me as a female to go out at night alone to meet a strange group of people.

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