How to talk to a friend after a hookup

This past week I was on a trip with some friends, including a friend I've been into. We were cuddling the other night when I told him I liked him, even though I know he's known for a bit. I also know he's been trying to get over another girl he really liked who shot him down, and he told me that, but he also said that he does have feelings for me. We had a serious talk about it and then decided to go to bed, and that's when he kissed me and we ended up making out. It went kinda far but no sex and he was really respectful of that fact that I didn't want to yet. We cuddled for the night and he was really affectionate, and even kissed me in the morning. Last night we also did the same thing though he didn't try anything, and to the point leading up to it, he had been drinking a lot and acting differently, like he didn't want to be around me or something. It's just been a little awkward trying to talk to him, just cause I'm not sure how to react, or if I should talk about it. Another small obstacle is that the girl he is trying to get over won't stop texting him, and I'm sure it doesn't make his situation easy. I won't see him for the weekend, which will be a refresher after spending 5 days straight together, but I do want to see where he is and if we should do something about it.


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  • He's still interested in you, it's just that you're right. He's still not over the other girl.


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  • sounds like he's still hung up on this other chick


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