If I text him and ask him for a kiss...?

He's leaving soon and I want him to know how much I like him. I'm thinking of sending him a message saying: "do you happen to have time for a kiss before you leave?". I think it gets the point across of the "meeting" really well. As opposed to something more serious like: "Can we talk?" or "Are you free to meet up before you leave?". What do you think?


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  • That's great. It's not overbearing and it's not too serious like you said. Go for it!

    • Is it OK even if we're not dating? We're friends and have known each other for a while but there's quite a lot of sexual tension between us and I can tell we mutually like each other as more than just friends.

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    • But I do want to kiss him! LOL

    • Yeah he'll understand that, unless he's really thick, and he'll also probably imagine you want to do more, which you probably do. And it doesn't explicitly state it so you're not coming on too strong. Perfect choice of text :)

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  • Yes, it pretty much gets to the point, and conveys a lot of feelings.

    • does it come on too strong? is it too much? (I don't want to scare him, I've had guys disappearing before so I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to expressing interest)

  • Sure, why not? I think he would appreciate it


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