Why would she text me this if she's not trying to meet up?

I met a girl during carnivals last week in Spain, we live 2 hours away, and she said she would come to the city I live in on Saturday (today). We texted throughout the week because I didn't want things to go cold. So yesterday I ask her if she's coming, she says yes, and I say "me and my friends are throwing a farewell party, you guys should come". No response. Now I got a text a day later that says "I'm in (my city)!". I tell her she has to visit x place and that I still don't know where the party is at tonight but I'll text her the details. No response. Seriously? My intentions have been clear from the start and I even joked about her being my wife, divorcing her, keeping the kids, etc and she saved my number as "John Husband". What is this? Should I just text her where the party is at and assume she will show up or is she just going to flake anyway?


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  • Don't show too much interest, I think that's what she's doing too... Just text her the address with nothing else (no goodbye, etc.) and that's it. No more text until she puts some effort to see you.


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