What is the guys pointview for Muslims girls?

ok so there's a guy who saw me without my hijab and one of my firend's told me that he said I look different and cute. But when I messaged him saying that I liked him, he saw it and told a like 3 friends (who him and I are both friends with) that I don't know her that well, so during the summer I want to try to get to know her before we date. During the summer I had to leave the country and there was no internet access, so I made sure to tell him ahead of time when I was leaving and when I was coming back. well I accidently left myself online when I was offline, and he messaged me:/. so when I went back online I messaged him sry I wasn't online. so later he stopped talking to me and I stopped talking to him. After a couple of months I decieded to get to the point and see whts going on between us. 2 of my friends without my permission went and asked him "are you mad at (this person)". he said no and walked away. so I messaged him and said hey, and he said hi (without any happy faces, cause that's wht he usually does) so I said why do you seem so upset and he said upset with what I'm confused? ...and this is the part when I tell him that I though you were mad at me for wht happened in the summer. he look at it but then never replied. so I wait for about 2 weeks and messaged him heyyy, but he still never replied. can you please help me I don't understand what he wants...

oh and I usually see him at school, when he sees me he either smiles hi or just smiles and waves hi, and I do the same back...


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  • I don't mind Muslims as long as they aren't extremists. But I don't like extremist anything lol and most guys I know don't mind Muslims. But I love those hijabs. They're beautiful.

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