Is he still interested in me?

So I went to a party where I kissed this guy that I know from my university. After that we were texting each other 24/7 for a whole week. And he said that he liked kissing me and that he would love to see me again. However, last Friday I didn't get a text from him. I decided to text him later that night around 8 and he didn't respond. Later that night me and my friend (who is a guy) went to a party and ran into him and another friend of mine (who is also a guy). We hung out all night as a group and kept on going to other parties. But this time he wasn't as touchy (in an appropriate way) and wasn't near me as much.

I won't be able to text on my phone for while. So I sent him a message on Facebook saying that I can't really text for a while. He's been online all day and so have I because Facebook will be the only way I can contact people until I get my phone again. But we only sent a couple a messages and he ignored my last one. Could it be that he's not that into me anymore or is he just getting some space?


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  • He could come back around and be normal again,but from my own experience and people who I know in similar situations if they guy starts acting like that he's either lost interest in you and could be now interested in someone else . I don't understand why some men do this,but it's not worth getting upset over it and blaming yourself over why he suddenly went cold on you. If this situation remains unchanged where he has still not spoken to you,don't message him again and leave him be.

    • Thanks! :-) I told him that I'd let him know when I got my phone back. I got in trouble last weekend and I got grounded by my parents even though I'm a college kid now. I still live with my parents though. So me being grounded and not being able to go out does not help at all! :-)

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