Does she like me more than her boyfriend?

I went to this summer camp type thing last summer and met this girl who was totally into me. She lives like 6 hours away so we couldn't date afterward. Believe me, she called me like every day for like 3 months. Eventually I kind of faded away and she got a boyfriend who lives near her. As the days count down to camp this July, I feel like she is going to start paying more attention to me even though she is still dating the guy. In fact, she out of the blue texted me today. Text convo is as follows:

Her: Hey is this eddie?

Me: Yes it is. ha ha who is this?

Her: Marley. Just making sure.

Me: Hey. How are you doing?

Her: I'm good. Wbu? How is college life? Haha

Me: ha ha it's pretty good. How have you been all this time?

Her: that's good. I'm glad. I've been busy. School is almost over. And I get my cosmetology licence next year. I can't wait.

Me: Yeah good luck with that. So are you going to [camp] this summer?

Her: Thanks. And yeah I am. As far as I know. Are you?

Me: Well my aunt and uncle Haven't talked talked about it so honestly idk. I hope so though.

Her: Yeah me too. We had a lot of fun last year. ha ha (sexual stuff)

Me: ha ha yeah. I have to go but ill definitely text you before too long

Her: Okk bye!


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  • Does she know that you play the guitar?

    • yes she does anonymous sarcastic guy

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    • sorry man. lol I didn't realize you were being serious.

    • Ya. Go hit a coffee shop and jam out.

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  • Sounds like she is gonna pay a lot of attention to you, and plans on hooking up, just be careful, if she has a boyfriend that could get YOU in a lot of trouble.


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  • It is one of those situations, out of sight out of mind. Something got the spark going again.