Women, would you date a guy like Alexander the great? :P

So here's the guy. he's good looking, young, extremely charismatic, strong and muscular. he's a leader of men, people worship him like god, he's decisive. In short a truly strong core!

Though sometimes short tempered, he's calm and cold in social situations and people are impressed by his personality and he can be really sweet to women. Would you date him?


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  • Short tempered people suck. They're usually hot though. It would be temporary.

  • Wasn't he gay or something? At least bi I think. Well, even if we did date, I don't know if we could overcome the cultural barriers. I'd probably give it a shot though, sure.

    • Some evidences do point out him being gay. But that is only speculative... I can't personally believe a guy like him to be a gay..

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