Your opinion on this guys, was is inmaturity or did he want something other than a relationship?

So we met three years ago, through our cousins. He asked me out and we dated for two weeks, in the two weeks we only saw each other three times. He broke up with me because he said he was not sure if it was gonna work out. Then a month later he texts me to ask me out , and me being stupid I agreed, I guess cause I really liked him . The same day he decides it's not gonna work out. So I decided not to speak to him at all. So he decides to talk to me yet again he had gone to live in California to work over there he says that he still hasn't forgotten about me and that if I wanna go out with him when he gets back, I said I don't know. And that's how that went. Months later he wanted to go out and I definitely said no, he was back. After that many months pass by actually a year and I text him he says that, he hasn't forgotten about me and that we still had feelings for each other. So we text for about 2 months then he stops, after that I find out from a cousin that he went out with one of my cousins, that broke my heart because I still had feelings for him and I just don't know why I had and still have. Then months later I get a text from him, I decided to tell him to leave me alone and to never speak to me at all. But I didn't tell him that I knew he went out with my cousin. Then after I dated a high school crush, when I was dating him I just couldn't get my mind of the other guy. So we dated for two months and I eventually broke up with him because of his ex that he still loved I know I was his rebound, I guess I just went out with him because I felt lonely I didn't have any feelings for him. And now I've been single for over a year and six months. And the sad part about it is that I still think about him the guy I only dated for two weeks three years ago. And I just have this question in my mind , should I tell him that I still have feelings for him, I know he's not dating anybody ,well I'm not sure...


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  • You definitely should tell your feelings to him.

    It might just work out. If it doesn't, you can now move on without any regrets.

    • Yes that's what I was thinking but what about the fact that he went out with one of my cousins...

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