Guys what would you think?

I met this guy and we went on one date. I slept with him on the first date. And then subsequently the past two weekends. At first he said he was interested in a relationship and then he said work was too busy and he didn't have time for one. I have texted him conflicting texts because I like him and pretty much said in one text "wanna f***?" And in the next like an hour later I just laid it all out about how I like him and I'm not looking for sex just wanted to say hey. He hasn't responded to either.

1) do you think if I leave him alone he might contact me?

2) or do you think I acted a little crazy?

3) if so, how can I salvage this?

I can give more details if needed just let me know.


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  • Its done. Work being busy has absolutely nothing to do with a relationship. Maybe school, but work has no homework or studying. I work 40-70 hours a week, never not had time for somebody I like. Truthfully, as much as I'd enjoy getting laid on the first date its not a good thing in the long run, unless you just wanted to get laid. At least for myself, the chase is half of the fun. During the chase is when a relationship builds, you pretty much gave a one date span to build a relationship.

    • That's what I figured too. :/

      He would respond to my texts before but just last night and the night before he ignored me.

      It sucks because I really did like him. He was the one who moved fast in the beginning but I guess he got scared.

      There's nothing I can do to mend it either is there?

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    • I'm just going to go out and have fun. If he texts he texts if not then no worries. His buddy texts me though.

    • yeah I feel you on that one, I was out for a while. But at this point, I really don't have to much drive to need to care for someone else at this point. Being with someone isn't as important as enjoying yourself!

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  • 1) Yes, he's just busy.

    2) Nope, you get things kind of interesting.

    • The night before last, I texted him saying I had never had a guy send me for a loop like he has because I have never dealt with a guy like him. I also said that he had my number and that he could contact me. Then last night while out for girls night I texted him the wanna f***? And other thing and never got a response. I'm never like this. And its completely out of character for me. Even the sleeping with him on the first date thing. What should I do?

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  • i think he just wanted sex and now that he got it he's done with you. you shouldn't have put out on the first night, or the two weekends after, you made it too easy for him.

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