"Date" or "non-date"

I have recently started spending a lot of time with my ex-gf's former flat mate. I never saw her in "that way" as she had a boyfriend at the time I was going out with my ex and was never home when I was with my ex.

Anyway, saw each other at a party a few weeks back & started chatting, started to see her in a completely different light, found her quite attractive & funny.

We were out at a club one night, about 4 weeks ago & after a few drinks, were getting quite cosy in the corner, arms around each other, holding hands, a small little kiss - stuff you can put down to alcohol.

We talked a couple of time since then and then invited our social circle out to an exclusive club. Again, after some drinks (not as many as last time) we started getting cosy again, then when we were all walking home, it was pretty much just me and her behind everyone else.

Then I decided to arrange a meet up for both of us, which involved breakfast & a tourist activity where we live since we both have to leave soon. She initially cancelled as she was quite ill but said that we'll do it the week after when she was feeling better. During a later text conversation a few days later, she brought it up again saying that we are definitely going to do brunch/tourist activity, so at that stage I reorganised for a day the following week,

The Wednesday before we were supposed to meet up, she texts me randomly & says she needs to get out of the house & asked if I was doing anything. I said no, but we could go catch a movie or there was a gig on in the area. We opted to go to the gig, had a really good time, flirted, talked for most of the gig etc. Then we slowly walked down to where she needed to catch her bus & I asked her to text me when she got home, to which she did, there were a few more text exchanges before saying good night.

Fast forward to Friday, meet up for brunch then head on our tourist activity. Brunch consisted of talk about our travel plans, where we want to live, what we want to do in our future then moved on to our activity. Had to wait outside in the cold, so put my arm around her and she leaned into me & tucked her head into my neck. The rest of our plans went smoothly & then parted ways as all our friends were all meeting up later that night for cocktails.

She arrived at cocktails, we started talking & getting cosy again, my hand on her back, her grabbing my hand. She then suggested we all go to her place so we did, then we went to find an off license to get some more drinks, to which we walked hand in hand on our endeavour.

Now she has gone away for the week, I text her last night with a funny & to have a good time.

I'm pretty sure this girl is into me but unsure of what above constitutes a date or a non-date. I like her & want to ask her out properly once she's back. What do you think?


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  • Ask her out what do you have to lose? She says no, then you know where you stand.