I have been seeing a man from time to time. I date others as well...

... today he said "I lstill love you in a very special way". How should I take that? He never said he loved me before. We are both 50 if that matters!


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  • I think he simply loves you .The reason why he didn't say 'I love you 'before'Maybe because he might be shy or he might have wanted some time to make sure he really loves you before he actually confesses.

    • Angelina,

      Both of your reasons are on point. He is shy and he would never say anything he was unsure of, especially that. Thank you for sharing your thought!

    • Glad I helped.No problem

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  • He may love you but it doesn't sound like he is not inlove with you. He is comfy and respects you

    • You're saying he is NOT in love with me? If so, what leads you to believe that? Curious!

    • In my experience when a man loves a woman he tends to make it known in no uncertain terms. So when I hear " I still love you in a very special way" make me wonder what that really means. But hey, you know him better.

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