The way he texts me is different?

Me and this guy have been talking for a couple months and things seemed to be going well, we're taking it slow. Last week, he started being really sweet and he would text me lots of hearts, call me baby, tell me how much he missed me (he never used to do that) and I thought we were getting closer and I felt like he might actually want to make things official soon. But then a few days ago all of that stopped. He still compliments me and talks about getting with me when I come home (I'm on vacation right now), but he's definitely not as sweet and he doesn't reply as quick all the time, he just seems distant. I saw him on Thursday in person before I left and he seemed normal but I don't know I just don't understand why he's not being so sweet like he was before and I'm afraid he might start pulling away. :(


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  • He may be tired making all the effort if your not flirting back, or he couldve meet someone new.