First date How did I do?

Went on first date with a girl I met on a club, where we were quite physical (no se x. I can tell she's not that type of girl). I've called her a few times during the week and we Haven't texted much at all. She never asks what I'm up to or anything even if I ask her. (No I don't spam her).

So today I took her a date where we walked around the city and went to the cinema. I had planned to have lunch with her but neither of us we're hungry so she suggested that we went to the cinema instead. I said alright.

It was snowing = f***ing cold. We hugged hello and I made sure to tell her that she was beatiful. I tried through out the date to hold her hand, but she never seemed to let me :( Having her hand in her jacket all day long... She seemed quite defensive like in her text messages.

After the movie we'd spend 4 hours together and she said it was time to head home. We hugged goodbye at the station and she said that it was nice (in my contry you're kind obliged to say that to people you've been out with meaning that people say even if they don't mean it).

In 2 days she's going away for 2 weeks. We laughed and pretty much talked to whole time with few moments of silence where I was ofc torturing myself to find stuff to ask her. She seems to only want to talk about herself...

Anyway I feel like a wussy cos we didn't hold hands or anything, but she kinda didn't let me.. ://

I'm wondering if I should text her asking if she wants to go out when she comes home but I don't know if I even want to date her again. I'm ambivalent about this girl. The first date didn't make me fall in love with her so I guess she had the same experience.. Maybe my expectations for the first date were too high.. Are you meant to fall a little in love during the first date?

I know she's not gonna text me so it's all up to me - like all the other planning of the date..


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  • Well, don't expect to fall in love on the first date! Some people are protective of themselves and aren't willing to open up right away to people they just met. I think it is unrealistic to expect 'love' on the first date. Love is something that is thrown around too much, and if that's what you are looking for it will take time. She might just not be willing to let you in right away, but that doesn't mean she's necessarily insecure, but she's probably just not willing to open up right away. Ask her out again (maybe even a third date if it goes well) and just see what happens.


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  • i think you did really good! I would text her and ask if she wants to hangout when she gets back. first dates are awkward and you really can't judge whether you like someone for sure or not because both of you probably werent that comfortable with each other. I would go on a second date, and see how that goes. then decide whether you like her.

  • @(no se x. I can tell she's not that type of girl).

    just curious. what do you mean. how can you 'tell'?

    • We were cuddling a little in a bed so judging by her bodylanguage and what she was doing

  • I think she may be like me, she may be shy which means insecure so she doesn't really feel comfortable around attractive guys. So it will just take a while for her to warm up to you

  • To me it seams like she is not interested in making things more then just friends. She put on all the breaks so you guys could not get a little romantic. Sorry but find someone else.


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