Guys: Aspects of Ideal First Date?

What's your ideal first date? Lol sorry if this has been asked a lot. Please be specific! You don't have to tell the whole date (of course if you have it all planned out, feel free to share), but what are some things that HAVE to happen? Or if the girl is willing to go along with whatever you had in mind, what would you want to do? Go crazy and please be honest! If there is something dirty involved, go ahead and share! Just be honest.

Please help answer! This will help immensely.


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  • The first date should be trying to get to know the person first.Also anything sexual doesn't have to be involved on the first date since your getting to know the other person first. That being said their is some people that would do something sexual on the first date.Everybody is different. My ideal first date would be me and a girl either going out to the movies, dinner,lunch, bowling, carnival,a walk on the beach, etc. The possibilities are endless.Also their could be talking or no talking depending on what type of date it is.I think it's better to talk to get to know the person better.At the end of the date it can end with a hug, kiss on the lips or cheek or nothing at all.I think it depends on the chemistry and the connection you make with the other person.The results would vary from person to person.Everybody is different on what they do on the date.Have you been on a date yet?What happen?

    • Oh, no! Nothing has happened. >< I was just merely curious about everyone's opinions. I caught myself thinking about an ideal first date too, and wondered what the guys would think. No, I haven't been on a date yet, so this kind of info also gives me an idea when the time comes. =] Thank you for answering and I appreciate your sincere answer. Surprisingly, my ideal first date is similar.

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    • No problem, but I want to thank you for just continually giving me advice and sharing your stories :) Gave me a lot to think about and learned some new things. Thanks so much and hope everything works out for you too, whatever you do. =]

    • Your very welcome. :) And thanks again. :)

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