Why is my girlfriend acting different?

We have been together 11 months. The first 8 months she was so lovie dovie, texting me constantly saying sweet things, calling me a lot A lot and very affectionate in person too. The last couple of months though she has changed. She very rarely text me anymore unless I text her first and when I text her sometimes she takes a long time to respond and sometimes gives me cold one word texts. When I saod something sweet she would not respond the same way she used to. Example this morning I texted her "Goodmorning my princess, I love you." She just replied " me too." Another thing is that we used to talk on the phone in the afternoon about two times a week and we have not done that in weeks. I have told her a few times that I was going to call her and she said excuses that she couldn't. Also, my frustration made me decide not to text her at all for a whole day to see if she contacted me first and she didn't. I didn't hear from her all day. Yesterday, she was supposed to let me know if her and her family would come home early enough so that I can come over like I do every Sunday and I didn't hear anything from her at all like she forgot me or something. I asked her what happened and she just told me " Come on Tuesday." Didn't even answer my question. In person though she is still the same happy, affectionate girl. Is there something wrong or am I just paranoid? What could be causing her to act this way?


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  • She might be expecting you to start being all lovey dovey like she used to be. She could be depressed or cheating. I would just confront her about it..she's acting like a b**ch and that's not fair to you. Ask her "baby are you mad at me? Lately we've barely talked and I miss you. What's going on?"


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