Kissing - What is considered good and bad?

For starters, I've never kissed anyone before, so hints are a big help! :) I'm dating this wonderful guy, and were both kinda shy...well we were hanging out and we were going to kiss, but we never did. How does the mood work? What do you recommend to do? What would be the PERFECT kiss?


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  • Don't over think it.

    I like soft small kisses first. Some guys will try to be uber aggressive and engulf their mouths on your face like the aliens babies in the alien movie.

    You lead and set the tone of the kiss. Make it soft and passionate. Gently open your mouth and explore his tounge. The importance of a good kiss is the sensualness of it. If its not sensual, it's just mindless making out. And there is a difference.

    • lol thx I'll try that out next time. Anymore tips or hints like what do I do with my hands?

    • Hand wise, the safest option is to set your palms down on his chest. This gives you leverage if your taller and you have a place to rest them if you don't want to put them elsewhere. When your ready though, stroke the back of his neck or run your fingers in his hair. You'll know how to proceed because your body will naturally react if you like him that much.

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